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The Allegria is a three-way bass reflex speakers in modular technology

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The bi-wire variation of Atlas' best-selling Element cable family. Bi-wire cables have become increasingly popular as the number of loudspeaker manufacturers offering this option has grown substantially, and bi-wire cables can offer improvement over the wire loops or metal links normally supplied.

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Chelys is the little brother of the flagship Magadis

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The bi-wire variation of Atlas' Hyper cable family. Bi-wire cables can offer performance benefits when the two halves of the loudspeaker's crossover are electrically ‘separated’ to allow bi-wiring) (and bi-amping, if so desired).

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A Clearaudio design for Marantz

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The new RED WAVE is more than just a power cable. Its a precision instrument. Its three 10 awg conductors are wound with 1,386 strands of extremely pure, silver-coated OFC copper.

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ONE’ features the same professional die-cast CD mechanism and isolated top-loading arrangement as Chord's flagship Blu CD transport. The latest 24-bit 192kHz devices provide digital-analogue conversion. A fully buffered, true balanced analogue output stage ensures the best possible musical performance.

820.00 410.00

Valves as a design element but also to raise the sound when listening to the radio to a previously unimaginable level. That is what the STU-2 reveals even at first glance. The 12AU7 in the preamplifier area, housed behind a 6mm aluminium front, gives this extraordinary radio its character. In the output area, FET transistors provide a distortionfree signal.

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