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1,950.00 890.00

Chord Electronics Chordette PRIME Pre Amplifier

1,200.00 490.00

The Chordette Toucan is a high end headphone amplifier.

6,500.00 3,650.00

Our CPM 2650 Integrated Amplifier combines the legendary low distortion amplification of the SPM 650 with the precision and control of the CPA 2500 to produce an incredible hybrid. The CPM 2650 is the very embodiment of the Chord Electronics pure audio experience.


Power Amplifiers

Chord Scamp

950.00 390.00

Scamp - 40W stereo amplifier

5,330.00 1,490.00

Designed to deliver a well-balanced musical presentation and long-term listening pleasure, the Signature 70.2 LFP-V Edition combines the finest sonic.

5,100.00 1,390.00

Battery Powered Preamplifier with DAC and Headphone output.

3,200.00 1,390.00

The S6 benefits from the vast experience gainedover more than fifteen years in the design and manufacture of valve amplifier within our company. S6 is a single-ended integrated amplifier of high power and compact dimensions, capale of confortably driving almost all loudspeakers including those of farly low sensitivity.

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