Good music can not be described ...
... you must experience!

The tubes series turns Tube Amp Company (TAC) to all discerning music lovers who do not compromise on quality and expect from your home entertainment system, the experience of a live concert authentic to take home.

The products of this series will meet these high expectations in every way. It was a question of building hi-fi components, which sounds fantastic and simultaneously emphasize the high value of the tube by a markantess optical design.

The Tube Amp Company (TAC) was founded in the 90 years of tube-loving people in the context of Sintron Vertriebs GmbH. The goal was and is to drive tube devices which have a very good value for money.

The first and most important criterion here was and is the sound of our tube amplifiers. Numerous tests have proven that our equipment is that our expectations, the figures show the lover of our equipment, you dear customer reward these efforts.

They are so still, the good old values, beautiful though they are then coupled with so much emotion and good sound.



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