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Cardas Golden Reference XLR 1m

Golden Reference is an evolutionary interconnect design by George Cardas. It features Cardas patented “Golden Section”, multi-gauge stranding in a symmetrical, helical tri-axial design. Thin wall PFA air tubes are used as dielectric and provide air suspension for the conductors. Cardas patented, “Constant-Q” construction places the smallest of the Golden Ratio strands at the center of the conductor to reduce stored energy and conductor resonance. Cable resonance is further reduced with controlled propagation, crossfield construction, matching conductor to dielectric characteristics with carefully computed strand layering. Multi-layer shielding and cross layered conductors reduce EMI and RFI to a new low. All conductors are individually coated to insulate and prevent oxidation. Golden Reference is a perfectly neutral reference cable. It sounds the same at any length, between any component, at any originating or terminating impedance. Golden Reference is perfectly symmetrical and non-directional. Like all Cardas cables, Golden Reference is individually inspected, and hand terminated using Rhodium plated connectors and Cardas formulated Quad Eutectic solder, for a lifetime of listening pleasure.

Outside Diameter:    .415
Dielectric Type:    PFA, Air
RCA Capacitance:    12 pf/ft
XLR Capacitance:    7 pf/ft
Cable AWG:    26 x 3
Shield Type:    100% spiral x 2 and PFA graphite composite
Conductor Type:    Matched Propagation, Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper, Litz

No extra charge for standard Cardas RCA or XLR termination. Termination with Cardas premium XLR connectors is an additional charge. Check with your

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Nordost Valhalla XLR 0,6m

Valhalla interconnect cable is a true Reference product. Until the arrival of Odin, it represented the most neutral cable connection ever developed. If you want to hear transparency and detail combining to deliver extreme musical accuracy from your system, Valhalla provides the benchmark against which all others must be measured.


Excellent Condition

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